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The home you live in is both essential and valuable. This investment needs protecting – have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly.

This is because every time you use your fireplace, soot collects on the inside of the chimney and an excess build-up of soot inside your chimney may cause the smoke to backup into your home or possibly worse, to start a fire inside the chimney! Having Dougie’s Chimney Sweep give it a good sweep each year will reduce the chance of this ever happening to you. Call us now to book your appointment!

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  Dougie’s Knaresborough Chimney Sweep services include:


Thorough chimney inspection, sweep and vacuum

Blockages removed from chimneys, for example bird’s nests

Chimney cowls and bird guards supplied and fitted

Chimney liners installed, removed and replaced

Stoves & Fireplaces Fitted check out The Stove Fitter

Open fires, Agas and wood burning stoves swept

Chimney stacks repaired and pots replaced

Tiles replaced

All kinds of roof work undertaken e.g. resolving leaks

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  Samples of Chimney Products …



Standard Terracotta Cowl


Chimney Pot Mesh Balloon


Universal Chimney Pot Guard


Terracotta Decorative Chimney Guard


Why a clean chimney is so important


Few of us dislike sitting next to the open fire together with family and friends. The downside with having a fireplace is the important requirement to keep the chimney clean, usually through using the services of a chimney sweep. But what is it and why is it so important?

The leading cause of house fires amongst those that have fireplaces in them is a chimney fire. Lives are lost needlessly every year because of a fire that originated in a dirty chimney. It is important and vital to have the chimney swept every 6 to 12 months.

It is possible for you to clean your chimney yourself, but there are pitfalls and risks to avoid.

Safety is the most important factor. The job isn’t for everyone. A chimney cleaning company has the appropriate equipment and knows fireplaces inside out – and it isn’t overly expensive to have done.

Do have your fireplace and chimney swept and cleaned on a regular basis.

Contact Dougie’s Chimney Sweep today!


Safety Tips


Every year there are destructive fires which are started due to unsafe or improper use of fireplaces and fires. These fires can be prevented!

Always be sure that the area around your fireplace is free from clutter

Make every effort to keep your newspapers, any dry kindling, and of course firewood well away from the burning embers

Do always use a fireplace screen to prevent the burning embers from leaping out of the fireplace

You should also inspect your chimney on an annual basis. Over the spring and summer months, a bird (or several) may have decided to nest in your chimney. This nest may prevent the smoke from exiting your home. The nest could possibly catch fire, or it might cause your home to fill with smoke

Be prepared and always keep a suitable fire extinguisher close at hand. A fire can rapidly get out of control

Check that your home is equipped with appropriate smoke and carbon monoxide alarms with working batteries


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